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Fr., 22. Apr.



Durch Die Nacht

mit MOSCOMAN (Disco Halal) + Hidden Techno Floor · Beginn: 23:00 Uhr · VVK: 15,00€ [zzgl. Geb.] ·

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Durch Die Nacht
Durch Die Nacht


22. Apr. 2022, 23:00



✫✫ MOSCOMAN (Disco Halal) ✫✫

✫ Adriano Rosso (Sub Rosa)

✫ Eszter (DDN)


Zum ersten Mal präsentieren wir euch den gut versteckten Hidden Techno Floor, der diesmal von SECRET ROOM gehostet wird: Centrix & Vero Modus – all night long!

Solltet ihr sexistisches, nationalistisches oder diskriminierendes Gedankengut in jedweder Form in euch tragen, so bitten wir euch, von unserem Rave fernzubleiben. Der Schutz von diskriminierungsfreien Räumen - dazu gehört auch unsere Veranstaltung - hat für uns oberste Priorität.

Meet The Artist: MOSCOMAN

Dancers can always be sure of one thing with Moscoman, a certain unpredictability and energy will always define the music he serves up. As well as having a background in indie and rock, he plays house, acid, techno, dark disco, synth, all from a more alternative angle. For that reason he is a regular at wide-ranging but iconic places like Space in Miami, Panorama Bar, Glastonbury and Pacha Ibiza.

2020 brought out the long awaited sophomore LP on iconic UK indie label Moshi Moshi, together with a new live A/V show. In the studio he has always switched up from one release to the next: raw and rugged machine disco, melodic techno and wonky house on ESP Institute, Life And Death, Diynamic and I'm A Cliché all feature in his discography. Next to all this, Moscoman continues to focus on building his Disco Halal label and brand into a real family. It is a place where artists like Simple Symmetry, Red Axes, Trikk and Auntie Flo have all freely expressed themselves. Like Moscoman's own approach to music, it is an unrestricted label that never fails to subvert and surprise.


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