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Di., 20. Feb.



Joost · SOLD OUT

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr · Beginn: 20:00 Uhr · Vorverkauf: 22,00€ [zzgl. Geb.] · Örtlicher Veranstalter: 1st Division GmbH

Joost · SOLD OUT
Joost · SOLD OUT


20. Feb. 2024, 19:00

Helios37, Heliosstraße 37, 50825 Köln, Deutschland



Joost's live performances captivate audiences with their sensational energy, showcasing his diverse musical repertoire spanning from gabber (pop) to pop punk, and encompassing a wide range of genres. Beyond the infectious beats, clever wordplay, and pop culture allusions, Joost's artistry emanates from a place of profound honesty, as he fearlessly shares his personal struggles with mental health and life choices. This unfiltered authenticity has garnered him an incredibly dedicated fanbase, whose passionate engagement with his lyrics transcends mere music, shattering not only sonic barriers but also societal taboos surrounding these important topics.

A testament to Joost's ongoing triumphs is his recent accomplishment of reaching the #1 position on the charts in Germany and Austria with his single 'Friesenjung.' This stellar achievement was made possible through a collaboration with Ski Aggu and the illustrious Otto Waalkes, further cementing Joost's prominence in the music industry.


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