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Mi., 11. Dez.




Einlass: 19:00 Uhr · Beginn: 20:00 Uhr · Vorverkauf: 20,00€ [zzgl. Geb.] · Örtlicher Veranstalter: Kingstar GmbH



11. Dez. 2024, 19:00

Helios37, Heliosstraße 37, 50825 Köln, Deutschland



‘Mesh’, the band’s fifth full length album, LIZZARD capture the energetic, lightning-in-a-bottleoptimism of the late ‘90s post-punk/art-rock scene and reinvigorate it as something empowering, inspiring andsimmering with potential.‘Mesh’ is some of LIZZARD’s most introspective work to date; asking questions of who and what we trulyare behind the veil, underneath the mesh of appearances we all use to protect, but more often mask, ouremotions and desires.Recorded by the band in the abandoned factory they use as their creative base and produced again by nowlong-time friend and collaborator Peter Junge (Avatar, The Melvins...), ‘Mesh’ is LIZZARD unleashing theraw, spontaneous might of their pent up live sound through the production precision of their studio experience.As such, themes of duality and control, whether it’s regaining it or letting it go, run right through the album.Resounding with Elwell’s inimitable, thundering drums and a barrage of colossal riffs, ‘Black Sheep’ exploresthe dichotomy of body and mind, of black and white, that we all wrestle with on a daily basis whilst the mellowpolyrhythms and plaintive melodies of ‘Mad Hatters’ ask pressing questions of the people who are supposedlyin charge of society.Epic album closer ‘The Beholder’ captures the reinvigorated LIZZARD at their bracing best; bittersweet guitarrefrains are bolstered by Will Knox’s signature driving basslines and crashing half-time grooves as frontmanRicou considers the great cycle of life from his own perspective. Testament to the band’s formidablecompositional prowess, ‘The Beholder’ ends as it starts, a closed loop. With only Ricou’s playful, pithy refrainof “What goes around, comes around” left ringing in our ears, LIZZARD masterfully frame ‘Mesh’ as both apoignant conclusion to the last chapter and as a bright new beginning.


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